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Heavenly Pizza Kits

Heavenly Pizza Kits

Now you can enjoy St. G’s Heavenly Pizza with your loved ones in the comfort of your home!

We provide you with all of the pizza ingredients you need to make your own pizza at home with your family. You’ll get the combination of Convenience, Quality, and Fun.



Cut the Bull Sh**, Make the Pizza. No shopping, no recipes, no guessing. Order your Pizza Pack, and be stocked with all the essentials that you need to make and cook your pizza at home. We will provide simple instructions that if followed will result in a delicious pizza.


The ingredients provided are of recipes from a Pizza Restaurant that has over 20 years of success. The dough is made by the Pizza Guy. The Sauce is made by the Pizza Guy. The Sausage is made by the Pizza Guy. It’s the same ingredients that are used to make pizzas at a pizza place. It’s not the garbage from the grocery store.


None of the hassle, but all of the fun. Can you get the dough to spin? (video Tutorials on how to spin). Kids can grate the cheese while mom and dad lay down the foundation of dough, sauce, and sausage (other ingredients).


What do you have in your fridge? Do you think it would go good on a pizza? Try it out! (Then have suggested combos from common refrigerator contents).